"A walkbout nature experience occurs when a perceived phenomena in nature forms the significant content of an experience that may be otherwise known as: peak, flow, exceptional, awakening, synchronicity, transcendent, mystical, ecstasy, spiritual, epiphany, revelation and/or ‘a-ha’ experiences.  Since everyone’s experience will be unique, it is kept open so as not to presume what it ‘should’ be or to specify what people may find meaningful.

The Experience can be triggered through a physical encounter with wildlife or with more symbolic phenomena (e.g. patterns, signs, metaphors, visions) perceived in nature. Nature experiences usually involve an awakened or heightened state of awareness with sensory arousal, emotional intensity and/or shifts in normal perception commonly reported. A sense of connection will be perceived, felt or intuited with the non-human “other” (e.g. plant, animal, landscape)."